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All our boots are made using the Good Year Welt method.

This is known for its craftsmanship and a strong reputation in the boot industry. Boots made this way are seen as an investment because of their durability and timeless style.

But what is this actually? And what are the advantages of this?
And where are our boots made?

The Good Year Welt method is a manufacturing procedure for our boots, which stands for durability and quality. Below is an overview of what the Good Year Welt method entails:

Basic principle: The Good Year Welt construction is a traditional method in which the top of the boot, the insole and the sole are sewn together.

Three Major Components

Top of the boot:
This is the upper part of the boot, made of leather.

Inside of boot under foot:
Where the foot rests is the inner part of the boot, which is made of leather and filled with cork.
This takes the shape of the foot when using the boot.

Outside sides under the foot:
This is called the sole, it can be made of leather or a combination of leather and rubber or only rubber from Fibram.

De Welt:
Is a strip of leather, which is sewn around the edge of the insole and connects the top of the boot to the sole. The space between the inner and outer sole is then filled with cork.
This becomes warm when worn so that it molds completely to your foot.
This reduces the initial orthopedic deviations.

Outsole and Heel:
The outsole and heel are made to the boot using a separate stitching method.
With traditional Good Year Welt boots, the soles are sewn to the welt using thread.


Good Year Welt boots are known for their durability and can last for many years with proper care.

Due to the construction of the insole and its shaping to the foot, Good Year Welt boots offer a high level of comfort.

The fact that the soles can be replaced makes Good Year Welt boots relatively easy to repair and refurbish.

To optimize the lifespan of Good Year Welt boots, it is important to maintain them properly. You do this by regularly cleaning and polishing the leather. We will come back to this in detail in one of our next messages.

Where made:
We can proudly say that all our boots in Europe are made in Spain to be precise.
In the south of Spain, where everything is made by hand in small factories and in beloved family properties.
This craft is passed from father to son or daughter, so that the "technique" is not lost. The machines used have also been around for decades.

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